Grant Programs

Proposals can be submitted by email at any time and are considered at least quarterly: January 1, April 1, July1 and October 1.

1.    Better Organizations for Nature

The Foundation considers all its granting through the lens of enhancing organizational capacity through Engagement Organizing and other means, that make entities stronger.  It is one way of ensuring that limited resources are put to their greatest use in this time of environmental crisis.  The Foundation supports organizations learning how to better meet their goals for nature.

The Foundation has been working with organizations for several years to bring the perspectives and practices of engagement organizing to the nature and land trust sector.  Organizations seeking to enhance their effectiveness through people-powered initiatives are invited to learn more and apply.  

See Better Organizations for Nature

2.    Nature Festivals/Passports to Nature in Canada

It is essential that local communities be aware of and have appreciation for nature that they have within their midst to ensure long-term protection.  Nature Festivals featuring local natural amenities are one way of building this awareness.  The Nature Festival Seed Fund has prompted and supported events across the country.

Passports to Nature in Canada involve a series of local and regional events featuring elements of nature offered to the public over several months.  These programs are promoted through the production of program booklets (passports) that are used to generate advertising revenue, fulfilling two goals, making connections with people and generating significant resources.  See Startup funding and organizational support.

3.    Land Protection Including Acquisition

The Foundation provides limited and strategic support for protection of lands of particular ecological significance through acquisition and other means.   Properties under consideration must have designated ecological status (Important Bird Area, Key Biodiversity Area, other).  See Support for Protecting Land

4.    Applying New Technologies in Plant Protection

Breakthroughs in technology at the Gosling Research Institute for Plant Preservation (GRIPP) are now available for application in ecological restoration.  GRIPP’s conservation strategy referred to as CPR -Conservation, Propagation and Redistribution -allows to not only revive populations of rare and endangered species, but to also ensure that these species will thrive in nature for generations to come.  Using advanced propagation technologies, specimens from threatened species can now be multiplied in large numbers in a short period of time for reintroduction into the wild.  In addition, cryopreservation of tissues and cells at ultra-low temperatures ensures that sources of threatened species will always exist at the institute. 

The Foundation will entertain requests for support for projects that apply this technology in ecological restoration.  For more detail see Plant Protection.

5.    Nature Inspires Actions to Reduce Climate Change

With Climate Change impacting all levels of ecosystem functioning, those valuing nature are particularly called upon to take actions to enhance their individual and organizational response.  This fund is directed to organizations piloting means to reduce their carbon impact and to direct attention to moving their members and supporters to do likewise, motivated and informed by their appreciation of nature.

6.    Nature/Environmental Education –Support for Evolving Practice

For learning associated with schools, the Foundation is interested in evolving practice so that nature and environmental learning are addressed within a well- funded education system.   For example, for many years it has supported the startup of new multi credit integrated secondary school programs with an environmental focus (For more on these see Recent Projects).

Learning in, about and for nature occurs outside the formal school system and is an important element in many individual’s lives.  The Foundation will consider innovative pilot projects that have the opportunity for widespread application and effectiveness.

7. Unsolicited Proposals

This portal keeps the doors open for innovative ideas and support for new leaders relevant to the Foundation's mandate.

 One-page proposals can be directed to the Foundation’s Project Consultant.  Please include:

  • how the proposal fits within the mandate of the Foundation
  • innovative and/or strategic elements
  • resources being sought and those already secured
  • Registered Charitable Tax number or that of your partnering organization
  • In keeping with a Better Organization for Nature approach -how the project will strengthen your organization when complete.

Electronic copies of your last annual report are also beneficial.

8.    Other Funding Sources in Support of Nature Affiliated with the Gosling Foundation

The Gosling Foundation has prompted the establishment of the Important Bird Area Engagement Fund operated through the partnership of Nature Canada  and Bird Studies Canada.