Guiding Perspectives and Principles

Global biodiversity has greatly been diminished and is increasingly under threat from uncontrolled increases in human population and consumption.  The most significant impacts on bird populations include the following influences:
•    The scope and magnitude of Climate Change is relavent to all conservation discussions
•    Habitat loss and fragmentation from forestry, wetland destruction, development and invasive species introductions
•    Industrial and agricultural practices
•    Collisions with structures and cars
•    Predation by feral and pet cats.

Bird populations reflect  the health of nature, upon which we all depend. We are driven by our passion for nature to support actions to protect birds and the environment in general.   Accordingly we carefully consider how we best deploy our limited time and resources.

The Foundation refers to the following principles in determining where it directs resources within its narrow mandate:

•    Building on people’s appreciation of nature to prompt them to act on its behalf often best accomplished by focusing on local natural amenities

•    Providing support to new leaders as they step forward to advance promising ideas and projects

•    Identifying pilot projects that have the potential for broad applicability

•    Supporting organizations that currently exist to be more robust and effective and less dependent on foundations and government

•    Planning for collaboration and shared learning across the Nature sector

•    Making decisions based on what the relevant science currently indicates are the highest priorities for action.


With its limited resources and a focus on innovation, pilot projects and strategic investment, the Gosling Foundation rarely considers requests for ongoing organizational operating costs.