Guiding Principles

The Gosling Foundation works to make the most of its disbursements to support nature awareness and protect land of ecological value through strategic expenditures.  In directing its resources the Foundation looks to mobilize, inspire and support organizations, programs and projects that are consistent with one or more of the following values and principles:

Use of effective learning methodology in formal or non-formal learning including: direct experiences with nature, a neighbourhood focus reducing the need for busing, projects that engage youth with community partners, projects that contribute to the ecological well-being of the community, integration of subjects such as the arts, or support of youth leadership.

Projects that enhance capacity and leverage the support of the Foundation by generating income through business initiatives, increasing engagement of membership, volunteerism, and other means.  The Foundation is generally not open to supporting ongoing operating or infrastructure costs.

Pilot projects and practices that have potential for broad applicability.

Create partnerships through collaboration around specific projects and challenges, linking when appropriate non-traditional sectors and players so that organizations do together more than they can on their own.