The Gosling Foundation
Protecting and Restoring Nature

The mission of the Gosling Foundation is to support transformation of the nature sector to enable it to protect and restore biodiversity for the benefit of all. We’re a small, private foundation established by Dr. Philip R. Gosling, a successful entrepreneur, naturalist, birder and co-founder of the Bruce Trail.

Today, the world is experiencing a catastrophic decline in global biodiversity. According to a 2019 UN report, up to a million species will go extinct because of human activities – many in a matter of decades.  Unfortunately, most nature organizations currently lack adequate resources and strategies to address this biodiversity crisis.  

Our theory of change focuses on expanding the capacity of organizations to recruit and mobilize more people to take action for nature.

We consider projects that:

  • enhance the capacity of nature organizations to address the biodiversity crisis
  • include conservation actions inspired by an appreciation for nature
  • protect ecologically significant land
  • develop and apply youth and adult initiative, skills and knowledge in aid of nature

“As a young man I discovered the joy of birds and nature and it changed my life.  It motivated me to step up and rally others to preserve important natural areas like the Niagara Escarpment.  And along the way nature so enriched my life.  There is so much to enjoy and protect.  Let’s save what we can, while we can. It’s time to muster a citizen movement  for change.”
– Dr. Philip Gosling

The Gosling Foundation is a sustaining member of Environmental Funders Canada

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