Engagement Organizing questionnaire

At the Gosling Foundation, we want to help nature organizations work more effectively. Below are a few questions we invite you to consider. Reflecting on these questions can help you identify operational areas for improvement.

Is your organization stuck at the “education and awareness” level?

Raising awareness is vital, but too often it fails to translate into action. Let’s explore how your organization can take a more active approach, pivoting towards tangible goals that bring about positive change for nature.

Is your organization effectively recruiting more people to your cause?
Many missions are accomplished thanks to people power. The right recruitment strategies allow you to tap into new ideas, networks and energy.

Are you trapped in a perpetual resource-securing loop?
One project ends, and you’re back to where you started: looking for funds to continue your work. Sound familiar? Building a robust organization often means expanding your people power so you become less dependent on financial support from governments and foundations.

What data and technology tools are you leveraging to maximize your impact?
Database and communications software are essential tools for creating change. Tools that allow you to communicate effectively with your supporters help you tap into their motivations, resources and networks. Meanwhile, access to good data lets you determine if your organization’s actions are making a difference.

Does your organization effectively move members and supporters to higher levels of participation?
Using an engagement pyramid as a planning tool can help you get people more involved in your organization.

Learning opportunities in collaboration with the Sustainability Network

The Gosling Foundation is pleased to support webinars and workshops on Engagement Organizing in partnership with the Sustainability Network.  

Communities of practice 

 Our experience shows that organizations are better able to adapt their practices when they can collaborate and learn with others. That’s why we believe in facilitating communities of practice. In 2016, the Gosling Foundation convened six national, provincial and regional organizations in a community of practice  to learn and apply Engagement Organizing tools in their work and hone their skills through a variety of projects.

We continue to look for opportunities to convene and support new communities of practice. We welcome inquiries from interested organizations – contact the Foundation’s executive director at skozak@goslingfoundation.org .

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