Land Acquisition, Protection & Restoration funding
Protecting ecologically significant areas

The Foundation provides limited and strategic support to protect lands of particular ecological significance through acquisition and other means. Properties under consideration must have a designated ecological status (e.g., Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, Key Biodiversity Area, etc.). The Foundation will consider supporting a variety of protection methods, including:
site acquisition, including preparations for these campaigns

  • the start of new land trusts and similar groups
  • application of Engagement Organizing practices
  • pilot projects for controlling invasive species
  • other innovative initiatives
Funding available

Flexible (determined on a case-by-case basis)

Proposals can be submitted at any time and are considered at least quarterly: January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

How to apply
Email a one-page letter of interest to the Foundation’s executive director, Stan Kozak, briefly outlining your proposal: Please include:

  • a description of your proposed project
  • the level of designation for ecological significance of the land in question
  • how the proposal fits within the mandate of the Foundation
  • how the project will strengthen your organization when complete
  • innovative and/or strategic elements of your proposal
  • resources being sought and those already secured
  • Registered Charitable Tax number (or that of your partnering organization)
  • An electronic copy of your last annual report, if available

Recently supported projects

  • Huron Tract Land Trust Conservancy, Ontario — start-up funding for communications initiatives
  • Bruce Peninsula Sportsman’s Association, Ontario — initial funding to determine proof of concept for building and installing boot scrubbers to stop the spread of invasive seeds, in collaboration with the Bruce Trail Conservancy
  • Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ontario — recruiting and using volunteers for long-term control of phragmites on Manitoulin Island
  • Bruce Trail Conservancy, Couchiching Conservancy, and Nature Trust of New Brunswick (joint Community of Practice project) — recruiting and mobilizing landowners to protect privately owned nature sites of significance

“Nothing is preserved and protected against the constant onslaught of threats to our parks except through determined citizen engagement.”

                                                                                   Margaret Wheatley, Leadership Consultant

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