Nature Canada:
Engagement organizing expands capacity across the nature sector
Nature Canada has been promoting and defending nature since 1939. Its network, which represents more than 800 conservation groups across the country, has helped to protect parks and wildlife areas across the country. But today, Engagement Organizing has given this venerable organization a big boost.
It boils down to a simple equation. It takes people to protect nature. The more people you can mobilize, and the more you empower them, the more impact you can create. That’s why Nature Canada re-focussed its “Nature Network” to help its members engage more supporters. Using a combination of new digital practices and old-school organizing techniques, groups can move their volunteers up the engagement pyramid from observers and followers to owners and leaders.  It is bringing people together to form an effective constituency that will aid nature by learning, deciding and acting together.
The organization has put together a downloadable guide and offers an e-newsletter, webinars, in-person workshops and grants. It also works one-on-one with organizations to review and refine their practices.
But Nature Canada isn’t just talking the talk. To drive this new approach, it has redefined the roles of its own employees shifting from program managers to capacity enhancing organizers – engagement organizing in action.
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