NatureKids BC:
How to reach 1,000+ children each year with just two staff

How to reach 1,000+ children each year with just two staff Kids need nature. Studies show that spending time outdoors makes them happier and healthier. And nature needs kids — exposing kids to the natural world lays the foundation for a lifetime of stewardship. That’s why NatureKids BC offers a program of monthly “explorer days” that connect kids and their families with the natural environment.

It’s a smart idea. And how they do it is even smarter. By empowering a host of volunteers across the province, the organization reaches more than 1,000 kids each year — all with just two paid employees.
Since its launch in 2000, NatureKids has grown from one club to 25. The key has been focusing staff efforts on providing tools and support for local leaders. Those volunteers, in turn, plan, promote and run age-appropriate programs in their communities.
Passports, certificates, pins and recognition in the organization’s quarterly NatureWILD magazine ensure kids and their families keep coming back for “meaningful moments in nature”: exploring tidal pools, spotting animal tracks, building bird nesting boxes and more. And as a result, NatureKids BC continues cultivating a new generation of nature stewards.
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